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July 20, 2011
Medicare is the Solution - Not the Problem
"Open Journal"  - KPFT Pacifica Radio - Houston 

    Featuring HCFAT members Ken Kenegos,  
    Joe Bak, Ph.D. and Christine Adams, Ph.D. 

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Health Care Financing Principles

Child Mortality Rates 

US ranks 40th of 187 nations
Ada Edwards Show
February 13, 2010
KROI Praise Radio

The Human Rights Show
July 10, 2009
KPFT Houston Pacifica Radio

July 2, 2009
KPFT Houston Pacifica Radio

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A parody of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" that takes a fun look at the current health care system. 
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Health Care for All Texas members Ken Kenegos and George Atkinson with radio host Ada Edwards.

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We have broken down the facts for you on single-payer national health insurance.   We have exposed the myths and disinformation campaigns of the powerful few who put profits ahead of our health!